AISCHA COSMETICS: how it all began

Domy titolare Aischa Cosmetica

Hi everybody, I'm Domy, holder and founder of Aischa Cosmetics.

In december 2014 has born the desire to create a cosmetics "all mine".

By working with a lot with dedication grows up, day-to-day, my desire to discover and to learn more and more about my knowledge of what I was going to apply on the skin of my customers.

My research

I studied the various ingredients in the creams, I read medical journals and everything related to the study on the skin, because today are increasingly present dangerous substances, even in the simplest detergents we use daily. So, more and more determined to know with great curiosity and commitment, I began my search.

In this way I discovered snail slime, a precious gift that nature gives us, a resource with so many miraculous properties in one piece! Taking advantage of a trusted and well-known Phytocosmetics laboratory, and expressing my desire to produce a line of cosmetics with the active ingredient of the Snail Slime, AISCHA COSMETICS has born.

Why the word Aischa?

Aischa is an Arabic word which means "vitality". Aischa is a name derived from Arabic and means "alive, vital, vitality". I wanted a single word could be fully representative of our products: beauty, vitality and health. The mission of Aischa Cosmetics is to produce exclusively 100% natural products using the miraculous active ingredients that nature gives us.